Saturday, March 17, 2007

Some things just fix themselves

The audio problem seems to have fixed itself. The Dell support rep said that they would call back at one earlier today, but that call never came. Before all is said and done, I have one last thing to say: Dell doesn't know how to package computers.

Whoever packed my computer prior to sending it back should be assigned a different job. The box had some plasticy-foam stuff around it to protect it, as well as a few layers of soft foam, but the person who packed it didn't understand the concept of computers being fragile. There was no foam on top, and the computer was directly touching the cardboard box. Not safe.

To any Dell employee who reads this (one emailed me about the previous post), I don't want any compensation other than for you to crack down on the quality of your support so that other people don't have to deal with this shit. If I relied on this own computer for a business (hypothetical), I would be screwed because of all the trouble they have caused me.

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