Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Gov't workers threat to national security

The United Stupidity Patent Office (USPO) has decided that file sharing programs are a risk to national security. The USPO seems to miss the point; the threat is not the program, it's the person using it. From the document:
For the Federal Government, this threat became manifest during 2005, when the Department of Homeland Security warned all Federal Agencies that government employees or contractors who had installed filesharing programs on their home or work computers had repeatedly compromised national and military security by "sharing" files containing sensitive or classified data.
Right here, on page ii, they practically admit that it is the people working in the government that is the problem. They are installing programs notorious for spyware and other bundled crap, and to top that, on government computers. Nice to see that they are passing the blame instead of fixing the problem. [via slashdot]

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