Saturday, March 17, 2007

More cleaning up after Dell's mess

[Image: Dell broke my speakers][Image: Dell broke my speakers]
The initial booting problem was fixed, but now I have noticed that the speakers don't work. In the image above, that is the error that I get when I tried to play some of my music. Right now, there is now sound coming from the speakers, nor is there any coming from the headphone jack. I am awaiting a call back from Dell to try to finish troubleshooting the issue. Hopefully it won't require sending it out again.

Every place that I look at settings, it is grayed out, most likely because there is no device. I think that Dell forgot to reconnect everything when they "fixed" my computer. It seems like there is a missing connection internally, as the computer seems like there is no sound card:
[Image: Dell broke my speakers]

I am getting fed up with this computer. It had one problem prior to sending it in: battery charging. Since I sent it in, I have had the memory messed up, and now the sound doesn't work. One step forward, two steps back. I don't intend on buying a new laptop until I am getting ready to go to college, but at the moment I am fairly sure that it won't be a Dell (most likely an Apple).

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