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The Hell of Dell support

[Image: Dell support is Hell]Yesterday, I mentioned that I received my laptop in a non-functioning condition. At first, my dad called them. He wasn't connected to a support rep, and the line ended up being on for 3 hours and 47 minutes and they never did answer the phone. Phone support sucks at Dell.

I was unable to get into their online chat because it said that there were too many users online already. Coming back later, I was able to connect. I was put in line. After about a fifteen minute wait, I was connected. Five seconds later, the support rep disconnected me, requiring that I reconnect to chat, which set me back further. (See transcripts posted at the end of this post.)

After the wait, I was able to talk to a support rep who stayed on the line. I went through the session with relatively no problems, but I was annoyed at the fact that the rep overlooked many of the things I said and continued to ask questions to which I already gave answers. In the end though, they were able to solve the problem.

The problem, as it turned out, was that Dell screwed up. In the week that they held my computer hostage, they messed up the memory. The problem was that they dislocated one of the memory sticks, and that prevented the computer from booting. The only people who touched the memory was Dell, and then me to fix their problem.

We bought this laptop a few months used on ebay. The guy we bought it from apparently had a three year warranty on it. So far, we have saved quite a bit of money, almost enough that I may consider the extra insurance to be worth it if it covers shipping. Dell has paid to ship my laptop four times (two repairs, sent both ways). That's not even considering how much they pay in parts.

I was going to get nasty with them, but I figured that wouldn't get me anywhere, and I knew after the first one that I would post these. The transcripts of the two chats are as follows:

07:24:49PM System: "Thank you for choosing Chat support. The next representative will be available to assist you shortly. While waiting, check some of our self support options above. No fear, you won't lose your place in line!"
07:24:59PM URL Shown: "<link>"
07:25:09PM URL Shown: "<link>"
07:25:19PM URL Shown: "<link>"
07:25:29PM URL Shown: "<link>"
07:25:39PM URL Shown: "<link>"
07:34:34PM Session Started with Agent (Pooja_143454)
07:34:39PM Session Ended

07:36:30PM System: "Thank you for choosing Chat support. The next representative will be available to assist you shortly. While waiting, check some of our self support options above. No fear, you won't lose your place in line!"
07:36:40PM URL Shown: "<link>"
07:36:50PM URL Shown: "<link>"
07:37:00PM URL Shown: "<link>"
07:37:10PM URL Shown: "<link>"
07:37:20PM URL Shown: "<link>"
08:04:29PM Session Started with Agent (R_59418)
08:04:36PM mike: "hello"
08:04:38PM Agent (R_59418): "Thank you for contacting Dell Technical Support. My name is Uma and my rep ID number is 0159418. How may I assist you today?"
08:04:42PM Agent (R_59418): "Hi mike"
08:05:30PM mike: "We just recieved our computer today, back from warranty repairs, and the computer no longer works."
08:06:07PM Agent (R_59418): "Thank you for the information. I’ll be glad to assist you. Please give me 2 to 3 minutes to pull up your account information."
08:06:11PM Agent (R_59418): "In the meantime, May I also have your telephone number, along with the area code to update our records?"
08:06:21PM Agent (R_59418): "I understand your concern and apologize for any inconvenience."
08:06:37PM Agent (R_59418): "Please let me know when what happens when you power on the laptop ?"
08:06:54PM mike: "Phone: ***-***-****"
08:07:30PM mike: "When turned on, the computer gets as far as the dell logo, then freezes. That's as far as it gets."
08:08:42PM Agent (R_59418): "mike have you removed the hard drive and shipped only the laptop to Dell ?"
08:09:35PM mike: "Yes. It was just returned today, and it no longer works. It still worked prior to sending it in."
08:10:02PM Agent (R_59418): "mike have you installed the hard drive again ?"
08:10:14PM Agent (R_59418): "and then check if windows is loading or not ?"
08:10:20PM mike: "Yes."
08:10:38PM Agent (R_59418): "Remove the Battery -- disconnect AC adapter --hold the power button for 10-12 seconds --- plug in only AC adapter ---Restart the laptop."
08:10:56PM Agent (R_59418): "Please perform the step and then let me know if it is still freezing in the Dell logo or not ."
08:11:58PM mike: "Still frozen"
08:13:56PM Agent (R_59418): "mike I request you to run diagnostics on the hard drive, this will help us to determine if hardware is working fine or not ."
08:14:01PM Agent (R_59418): "I will provide you steps ."
08:14:42PM Agent (R_59418): "Restart the system , the moment you see Dell logo press F12 and you will get option boot to utility partition, select diagnostics from the drop down. You will get list of device, select hard drive and click on custom test"
08:14:58PM Agent (R_59418): "Please perform the test and let me know if you get any error code or message on the screen ."
08:16:35PM mike: "The computer does not get far enough for F12 to work. The bar at the bottom is only about one tenth."
08:16:57PM Agent (R_59418): "You see the Dell logo right ?"
08:17:10PM mike: "yes"
08:17:17PM Agent (R_59418): "At Dell logo press F12"
08:17:59PM mike: "I do, and for as long as I hold it (up to twenty seconds), nothing happens"
08:18:39PM Agent (R_59418): "Okay, please follow this procedure then ."
08:18:43PM Agent (R_59418): "Press and hold the key, and then press the power button to power the system on. Release both buttons. The PSA diagnostics sequence begins. Follow any on-screen instructions. Record the sequence of beeps and/or make note of any error codes that may appear. "
08:21:15PM mike: "On the dell logo screen, it says "diagnostic boot selected" and freezes there. The bar at the bottom still only goes about one tenth."
08:22:30PM Agent (R_59418): "mike did you the Fn key procedure which I mentioned above to run diagnostics ?"
08:23:38PM mike: "yes, i followed the steps, but it froze at "diagnostic boot selected" other than that, it is identical to the way it was before"
08:24:12PM Agent (R_59418): "Okay, give me 2 minutes time frame."
08:26:30PM Agent (R_59418): "mike I request you to remove the memory module and reseat it once, so that if there is any connection issue, it will be rectified ."
08:26:46PM Agent (R_59418): "I will give you link which has instructions to remove the memory modules."
08:26:49PM Agent (R_59418): "Give me 2 minutes ."
08:28:52PM Agent (R_59418) sends page: "<link>"
08:29:22PM Agent (R_59418): "Please remove the memory modules wipe it with plain cloth and then put it back in and then reboot the laptop and let me know if it is working fine or not ."
08:29:28PM Agent (R_59418): "I will be online, please take your time ."
08:32:30PM Agent (R_59418): "Incase if you face any trouble in removing the memory modules, do let me know ."
08:33:20PM mike: "That seems to have been the problem. Thank you for the help"
08:33:37PM mike: "The computer works now."
08:33:42PM Agent (R_59418): "Great ."
08:33:45PM Agent (R_59418): "Is there anything else that I can assist you with ?"
08:34:09PM mike: "No, thank again."

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