Thursday, March 15, 2007

Dell ships laptop back still broken

[Image: Dell logo]Last Friday, March 9th, I sent my laptop to Dell for additional warranty work because it stopped charging. Today, it came back, but it won't boot. It will get as far as the boot page, where it presents you to the Dell logo, but the progress bar only goes about a tenth of the way and freezes. It won't even go far enough to get to BIOS.

At the moment, I suspect that when they "fixed" it, they must have forgotten to reconnect all the internals, or else broke something else in the process. It could it least boot prior to us sending it to them. Besides that, it took six days for them to get it back to us. My dad is currently on hold trying to talk to tech support (currently over an hour). I don't have the patience to deal with indian tech support people that I can't understand.

Update 8:41pm: The computer works now. I will post more about the ordeal tomorrow afternoon.

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