Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Tuesday's news round-up

Google has released an update to Google Desktop. I say that this looks really nice, but to be honest, it is not for me. I would surely get this if it were from some other trusted company, but Google has too much information from so many forms that I just don't feel that they need to have access to my desktop in any way.

GameStop decided that is was a good idea to oversell their pre-orders. Imagine the disappointment of trying to pick up your console that you put a $100 reserve on and being told that they didn't actually have that many.

Nintendo has announced that the Wii will have DVD in '07. Really though, I don't understand why DVD playback is such a big deal on consoles. Don't most people already have DVD players which most likely sit within a short distance of their console? I applaud Nintendo's decision- at least it will save them from the problem plaguing the PS3 (blu-ray player shortage).

In other PS3 news, they have also noticed a little bit of a lacking in terms of backwards compatibility. This is more of why I hate Sony, aside from the whole rootkit deal earlier in the year.

Justin Long of the Mac commercials also reports that he is continuing to do "I'm a Mac". Well that's a pity. I wanted to see some change in those commercials. I don't understand this; it was confirmed by a rep earlier that he would be done. Oh well.

Oh, and if iPods and cars and whatnot weren't enough, you can soon plug them into planes. When will this madness stop?


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