Saturday, November 11, 2006

Guy gets $2.7M because he's black

First off, I would like to say that although it may sound otherwise, I am not trying to be a racist, and there are reasons for my wording if you keep reading. A black fireman was awarded $2.7M because he suffered racial harassment. From the article:
"A fire department investigation suggested the October 2004 incident was intended to be a prank to 'humble' Pierce after a station volleyball game where he had said, 'You guys keep feeding the Big Dog.'


'This ordeal has taken its toll on me and my family,' Pierce said in a statement issued by his attorney. 'I truly hope that my case will make a difference for African-Americans in the Los Angeles Fire Department.'"
I see this as stupid for one big reason: if this were to have happened to a white guy, there likely would have been no action taken, and it would have been considered a joke among coworkers. This is just outrageous and abuse of the legal system.

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