Saturday, November 11, 2006

Kid hospitalized over Gears of War

As I would have guessed, gamers are dysfunctional and deserve to be removed from public contact. Apparently the guy was a little mad that he didn't get his precious game so he beat up a fifteen year old in order to end up being arrest and not get the game.
Apparently, the argument developed after store clerks informed the crowd that stocks were running out, at which point the 36-year-old customer attempted to cut in line and when challenged swore at and repeatedly punched the 15-year-old who was to receive the last copy of the game.

Naturally the police were called and the man was arrested for aggravated assault and is currently awaiting arraignment at a local correctional facility.
That guy deserves to be locked up for years. There is no logical reason that he could possibly come up with to justify his actions.

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