Monday, November 13, 2006

The people you love and hate

Friends are those people that you enjoy being around, but can occasionally come to hate. One of the friends I played soccer with on Saturday said that he and his friend would come the next day to play outdoor (we were in a gym the first day). My friend and I, who come every week for the past x months (long time), were quite disappointed to see that neither of the two showed up like they said.

Today, I spotted said friend (skipper) in the hallway. When I was talking to him, he said that the two of them had been up all night watching movies, and he didn't get any sleep. Seeing the snow, he decided not to even show up. It's one thing to make a decision like that, but to do so after telling people the night before that you would be there is just plain annoying, and rude. I have to say that I was annoyed at what he told me to the point that I felt like hitting him. He didn't seem to care that he left others wondering why he didn't show up. He has no commitment.

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