Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Engadget continues Zune review

As I expected, Zune isn't exactly getting the best reviews, and in my opinion is becoming a flop. Microsoft seems to be lacking in the feature department, seeing as how this was supposed to outdo the iPod. Anyhow, here are some things to note from Engadget's reviews.

To start off with the install, they had a less than pleasant experience trying to keep the app from crashing. From the time they started the install, there was no control over the installation location, which they mention installs on the primary drive without even asking. They also point out the install often crashes if you choose the "wrong" choices. From a non-user perspective, it appears that Microsoft requires all kinds of info. You need a Zune tag, whatever that is, then you need a Windows live (.NET passport), then they still continue asking for more information including phone number. One of the stages requires them to login to their Zune, which from what I can tell, is just to access the music; that would become annoying quickly. It also seems to have self-recognition issues, as it can't notice that the Zune is plugged in.

They also today, today, review the device itself. To sum up; it is bulky, but larger in terms of screen. They mention that the WiFi is 3day/3play. The app, when syncing, still continued to crash their system. If you tried to sync, it often crashed, as well as when you try to change syncing options (anyone else notice a trend of lack of choice?). They also point out that if you want to resync, it requires that you unplug and plug it back in. They also say that it is a resource hog (in typical Microsoft fashion).

I suggest that you read their stuff, as I only really skimmed the surface in terms of what they had to say. They also loaded their reviews with pictures/screenshots as well.

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