Monday, January 1, 2007

Internet explorer: The last straw

Yesterday marked the last straw with Internet explorer. To start, it installed itself through Microsoft's automatic updates. Other than completely confusing my parents, there are other problems, too. Because of this trouble, I was able to convince my parents to use FireFox instead. Here's what's wrong with IE7:

[Image: Internet Explorer]
The first thing to notice here is that, by default, there is no File menu.

[Image: Internet Explorer]
Enabling the file menu, I found that the only position that I can put it is under the address bar, which is not a preferable position.

[Image: Internet Explorer]
On the far right side of the browser, IE7 has a duplicate menu: Tools. You can note that this shows on the File menu bar as well. While the page drop down is handy, it only selects tasks from existing menus. IE7 also moves the refresh and stop buttons to the far end of the address bar- nowhere near where it was in IE6. The same goes for the home button.

[Image: Internet Explorer]
One of the somewhat annoying things that IE7 also changes is how it handles the text being resized. In IE6, if the CSS used a pixel height, it would not change anything. Now, everything is resized, and I mean everything, even images. It basically rescales the page to create the desired text size. I would prefer it if it only did the text.

Too many things are too different from the way it previously was. If Microsoft wanted to do something right, they should have improved the existing features, not move everything around.

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