Saturday, December 23, 2006

A mass of legal stupidity

[Image: Gavel]Michael Arrington at TechCrounch has news that a bankruptcy court wants to publish all of the firm's files in a public archive. While the court may see "historical value" in all of those documents, I see (among many other people) all those files as being private. The stupidity doesn't stop there either. Former clients are free to opt-out, but doing so will only place you in a closed, but still accessible, archive which screws clients no matter what they choose.

As if that weren't enough legal stupidity for one day, a judge has rules that linking is not permitted if copyright holder objects. This is also one of the worst possible decision that could come out of this. The fact that the copyright holding company took this to court because the advertisements weren't being shown from the link is unbelievable. I may not know much about server configuration and the backend, but I do know that it is possible to rectify the situation without all the legal mumbo-jumbo.

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