Sunday, December 17, 2006

[Video] Anti-Net Neutrality Commercial

This is a commercial against net neutrality:

I am all for net neutrality, but I do see both sides of the argument. On the pro-net neutrality side, the argument is simple: ISPs and other companies should be required to treat all data the same. On the other hand, ISPs are saying that in charging websites for data transfer, they are saving the consumer money by not having to charge them.

I say that the argument against is just plain weak. For example, Charter Communications is reported to have revenue at about five and a quarter Billion dollars. How can you possibly say that you need websites like Google to pay for upkeep? Also, no ISP should ever have the right to restrict access to any website, and that is what they say they will do if companies don't pay.

[Image: Hutchison(R-TX)]The whole problem lies in the people who make the decisions: congress. The picture at right is a senator from Texas(R). Save the Internet says that she is against net neutrality. Does she look like she knows anything about the internet? Or, was she simply pressured by her friends in the corporate world?

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