Sunday, December 10, 2006

How to get the coporation's attention

[Image: Dell logo]Engadget has a little story on how one man's creativity won him the attention of Dell. After five months of a broken laptop that wouldn't be fixed, he took it to court. From the article:
Instead of going through the normal process of sending the court papers to Dell's headquarters in Texas, Dori thought to have the papers delivered to a Dell shopping mall kiosk instead. Quite unsurprisingly, no-one from Dell turned up in court on the stipulated date, resulting in Dori winning a $3,000 default judgment and a ruling to allow bailiffs to close the kiosk and seize items if the judgment was not paid.
If you think about it, this is one great idea. The company will pay out in order to save the stand, and you then either: have the attention of the company which was the original intent, or the money needed to get a working computer. Too bad that it had to get all the way to the court system before anything happened.

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