Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Copyright takes film from public

Copyright is beginning to claim the lives of films and documentaries. The National Film Board of Canada has said that because it costs so much to license the material used in the film, it will no longer make it available. From the article:
Thanks to spiralling copyright licensing costs, payable to whoever holds the copyright (unions, archives, creators, corporations) -- and thanks, too, to the rising cost of insurance to protect against copyright claims -- more and more public film footage is no longer available to the Canadian public, nor for use by Canadian creators. That's the message of the DOC's new white paper, released yesterday by the 700-member organization.
This is why the world should abolish copyright. They are taking out a film because of outrageous costs. Anything associated with copyright almost always fails to win the public (read: RIAA and MPAA).

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