Monday, November 20, 2006

Google hurting their own revenue

Over at Digital Inspiration, Amit has written an interesting article on something that I never gave a thought to. He bring to our attention that Google's rules about linking ads may actually be hurting their click-thru rate.

I don't at all question the results of the report. I myself have avoided clicking ads most often because of the inability to stay on the page. I an often in the middle of something when an ad catches my eye, but I don't click on it because I know it will take me away from what I am reading. That leaves two options: leave the page to click the link, or just don't click the link, and it is most often the latter. FireFox also makes not clicking the link easier because it is so easy to read the URL from the ad, open a new tab, and then return to where you were while you wait for the page to load.

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