Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Today's consumer news

[Image: Zune]Most recently, a Chicago family got a little surprise with their newly bought Zune, resulting in a Zune preloaded with gay sex videos, and the present was for their daughter. Walmart is pointing the finger at Microsoft, but nobody believes them. The box is reported to have been opened and a charger was missing. The father says the store just didn't check what was being returned.

[Image: Zune]Bank of America is back in the news again, this time because they refused to cash a check and demanded that a customer give a fingerprint. It's not like BofA is in the best position to be doing this. It seems that they are fairly money oriented, and a little too happy to use security officers.

[Image: Zune]Home Depot is even making the headlines after an older gentleman returned to his home to retrieve a gun after no one would help him. There is no way that you can deny anything is wrong with your store when people are ready to shoot things up because they are so tired of the customer service.

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