Friday, December 29, 2006

Computer choice just got stickier

[Image: Dell]When I was thinking about getting a laptop, and then a desktop as I had enough money, but it seems that my parents insist that it be something that I can use in college. College is a year and a half away and trying to get something that will last that time, and be able to continue working will be a task. I think I am changing my original choice of a laptop. I trust that a desktop computer would last at least four or so years if I get something decent.

Right now it is looking as though I might not need a new laptop after all. My dad contacted Dell support and it appears that the original owner, whom we bought it from, bought an extended warranty. That means that if we can get the original owner's name to confirm that they are the buyer, we can get it covered by warranty. If that happens, I can spend more money on a desktop. Things are getting complicated now.


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