Saturday, December 23, 2006

Blogger claims to be out of beta

[Image: Blogger dashboard screenshot]
Slashdot has a short blurb on the fact that Blogger claims to be out of beta. I would eally disagree with this, but I don't make that decision. From the Slashdot's comments:
The new Blogger beta is, quite frankly, a disappointment. Blogger was pretty amazing when it came out years ago, but since Google bought them the brand has languished far behind competitors (Wordpress, Typepad, etc). Now Google adds a couple extra features, removes the Beta tag, and expects great fanfare. They just get ho-hum from me.
I agree that Blogger/Google was expecting too much. Before it happened, they talked like it was the best thing that had ever happened to Blogger. In reality, it wasn't much, and they broke too much in the process. While they have made some progress, it has not been enough to remove the beta label.

Among the things that they broken was the "previous posts list". This used to do exactly as you would expect: it listed ten posts prior to the page it was used on, and if it were on the main or archive page: it would be the ten most recent. Now it is always the ten most recent, even though it is the "previous" posts list. With the addition of built-in search, it lacked any ability to template those pages, as well as the same for label pages. There is just too much to do yet. Support for listing labels in classic templates is nonexistent. All this hype and lack of results is why I am planning a move to Wordpress once it is at a convenient time.

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