Wednesday, December 27, 2006

The debate: a new computer

[Image: Laptop or desktop]My laptop is dying (well, not mine, but only I use it). Because it is dying there are some choices that I need to make. My parents are saying that I need to pay for it, because I am the one that uses it, and the one asking for it. Since I am investing my own money into it, I can't go in two different directions all at once (getting both laptop and desktop). I am fairly equally split between the two.

On one hand, there is the desktop. It has extra power, more reliable, and it has scalability. With a desktop you can build off the exist machine to add more compared to a laptop where that option is nearly nonexistent. I debated using Fedora Core instead of windows, except that doubt was erased when I realized that my iPod isn't very compatible with that platform. A desktop will let me easily use two monitors, which is something that I want the option to do at the very least.

On the other hand, there is the laptop. A laptop would offer portability, which is nonexistent in desktops, but is much more expensive for all that you get. A laptop would let me take everything to a friend's place or to the library or something. With all the good, the problem lies in the fact that it relies on a battery for power. My current laptop's battery life is about thirty minutes- not much.

In the end, I think that I will go with a laptop, and not one that is filled with crap that I will never use, but just the basic stuff that will handle internet and primarily text-based work, with the capability to handle the occasional graphics work. I am thinking that if all goes as planned, I might get a desktop this summer. The laptop gives me portability, but if I get to do what I am planning in the future, I will eventually need a desktop.

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