Sunday, May 13, 2007

Moore on investigation of Cuba trip

[Image: Michael Moore]Michael Moore, the man behind hits like Fahrenheit 9/11, has been subjected to an investigation regarding his most recent trip to Cuba. Moore has written a letter to the Department of the Treasury, which is heading the investigation. Moore took a small group of 9/11 heroes to Cuba, where they received better health-care than they currently get in the US.

I applaud what Moore is doing. Our own health care system is ignoring the people that risked their lives to save others on that terrible September morning. It is also pathetic that you can get better health care from Cuba than in your own country.

Lee Iacocca has the right idea of Cuba in his book:
Speaking of talking, I wish someone would explain to me why we're still fighting a cold war with Cuba. JFK broke off relations and established a trade embargo against Cuba in 1961, at a time when Fidel Castro's collaboration with the Soviet Union presented a real threat to our shores. But does anyone honestly believe that Cuba poses any threat whatsoever in 2007?
Why are we stopping all trade? Why does it matter? Why is the US being such a dick about something forty years ago? Can't we just make some effort to get along?

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The Cuban ex-pats in south Florida are strongly anti-castro (and strongly Republican) with lots of political influence. Any softening towards Cuba is met with an uproar from them. Most of it is because of the Republicans catering to them and trying to keep them from defecting to the Democrats.
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