Sunday, May 6, 2007

Contest - Plug - Respect

I'm sure that it's everyones dream to be able to make something truly successful. For myself, I dream of creating a website, be it a community, blog, whatever, and having it become successful enough that I can make a living from it.

Nate Whitehill is a man who is doing just that. He works for himself, and helps others along the way. He has a blog on business, blog and web development, which I enjoy reading. He deserves the respect. With him being a Mac guy, I've thrown a few questions his way and he has always answered them.

Anyhow, he is holding a contest for the 1000th comment on his blog, and for whoever writes about the contest. Prizes are (for each): $25 cash, blog review, and an hour of his work. If you make the 1000th comment, there is also a two-year subscription to GoStats Pro.



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