Thursday, April 5, 2007

Gumball 3000: Episode 4,5,6 for 2004

Gumballers are on their way to the ferry out of Africa. More carnage as they travel through the country. The roads prove difficult as multiple people lose their rides, but no one loses a life. Most Gumballers catch the ferry and are on their way back to Europe. (Part 4 of 6; 26 minutes 22 seconds):

More and more police as the Gumballers are not welcomed back to Europe. Many people are changing their routes to avoid being caught. Stickers are peeled off to avoid being noticed as Gumballers. All are doing their best to make it in time for the Grand Prix in Barcelona. (Part 5 of 6; 25 minutes 46 seconds):

The Gumballers are finishing the rally. Many are taping over their numbers, changing their plates, and doing everything they can to avoid being caught. Gumballers stranded in Africa chartered a plane to catch up with the rest of the rally and make the final party. (Part 6 of 6; 26 minutes 12 seconds)

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