Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Check out the new design

[Image: Old design]I know there are a number of people who subscribe to my feed, so I don't know if all of those people have taken the time to see the new design. At right is a thumbnail of the old layout, which I personally believe was fairly bland. No longer is the blog based on shades of gray. I needed some color, and I figured that with my coverage of the Gumball, this would be the best time to make the shift.

[Image: Old design]The new design, right now anyhow, is simple yet inspiring (at least to me). The header image has been changed from the broken pilings (see above) to a Porsche, which is a car I want to buy one day. It ties closely with the Gumball rally, considering that many cars in the rally are made by Porsche. I tried to make the design as clean as I could, so the "About me" section was removed. Many of the borders of various items were removed to make the page more "open."

Any suggestions? I want this design to stick for at least a few months, so any feedback would be appreciated.

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