Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tuesday news round-up

Apart from my track meet, I have to much homework to go into much depth, but here are some notable stories from today:
  • In Hungary5000 rabbits were running wild after an accident that caused a truck to loose its cargo. The police must have had a field day trying to capture the freed rabbits.
  • After the tragic events at Virgina Tech, one story shows the heroic side of the story. A professor, a holocaust survivor, saved many lives by blocking the door so his students could escape. This man deserves some recognition for this as the shock subsides.
  • Internet radio is taking a hit after their appeal was denied. This is a stupid idea on part of the copyright royalty board, as I see that many companies are likely to move to Canada or some other country in order to continue running.
  • Sony is destroying their own product with unusable DRM. Many players are unable to play the DRM-laden discs because the discs (in the player's eyes) is corrupt. There is even speculation of a possible class-action over this.
  • One person recounts the headache that is product registration. While trying to contact support when his install would not work, they gave him trouble for using multiple computer, something which should be within the rights of the user. All of this is related to the fact that Microsoft could just as easily do the same activation revocation with Windows.
  • North Carolina State University is advising students to fight back against the RIAA. Only one student has taken up the RIAA's offer to pre-settle. Unfortunately, the school will back away once the RIAA manages to find the names of students.
I should be able to do more tomorrow.

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