Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Bush brothers causing trouble for many

It's no secret that "Dubya" Bush is strongly against stem-cell research, even when it can result in a medical break-through. It should come as no surprise that Bush also plans to veto an upcoming bill that would initiate stem-cell research. This would be one of the three bills that Bush would have vetoed; the stem-cell before, Iraq spending, and again on stem-cell research. Because of Bush's (and the rest of the country's) barbaric standpoint, the United States is falling behind in research.

Bush's brother, Jeb, is causing trouble in Florida because of Jeb's education issue. The Florida University refused to give Jeb Bush an honorary degree because of his damages to the school system (like funding based on standardized tests). In response, the school is being forced to rename to the "Jeb Bush College of Education." I honestly don't believe that "Bush" and "education" belong in the same sentence, unless talking of failure.

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