Friday, April 27, 2007

Republicans leave country with most debt

[Image: US debt according to president]During the control of many of the recent republican presidents, the US debt has grown the fastest. During Dubya's rule, the line made a sharp turn for the sky after Bill Clinton stopped the growth. (Click the image for a fuller graph.) My guess would be that the tax-cuts are not slowing that line down.

It is honestly a disgrace that our country has fallen apart in the last few years. Clinton stopped the debt, and then power was handed to Bush where he then went on a 7-plus-digit spending spree. All of that money that we pay out to congress is well worth it. I mean, it is imperative that we cover the important stuff like banning gay marriage, while politely ignoring the fact that there are no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

Bush has transformed the nation's democracy into a kleptocracy. We pay our money into the system so that they can give contracts to Halliburton and kill innocent American Soldiers. Now more than ever, we must straighten this country out and put the power into the hands of someone competent.

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