Tuesday, March 27, 2007

HP refuses warranty for Linux computer

[Image: HP Logo]If you have Linux on your HP computer, they might just refuse to honor your warranty. A woman contacted HP because her keyboard acted up. She was told they wouldn't help because she was using Linux. From the article:
When she called Compaq -- the unit comes with a one-year warranty on the hardware -- they asked what operating system she was running. When she told them Linux, they said, "Sorry, we do not honor our hardware warranty when you run Linux." In order to get warranty service, she was told, she would have to remove Linux and reinstall the original OS.
This doesn't bode well for HP's thought preloading Linux (link: mentioned at bottom). They can't sell something they outright reject. Overall though, that is terrible customer service. The way I see it, they do that because the documentation they sift through only work in Windows.

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